She Loves Me

"The idea behind 'A Love' is to illustrate the frustration that technology can bring to connecting with loved ones."
-Rene Dongo (Director)

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Late Pass

Did not know Hov did a video for Forever Young. Shit is hot though.

The Black and white is workin for him...he must've seen how dope Fight Back came out.
Also sidenote: my video for A Love will be premiering online on Valentine's Day which is less than a week away now. Stay Tuned.

Love is in the Air

This weekend, myself, Rene, Blizz, my homey Diego, and the lovely Amanda T wrapped up filming the video for A Love, off the Young and the Restless mixtape. Despite the cold, we banged everything out and I can't wait to see the final product. We will debut via youtube on Valentine's Day.

This will be something a little different compared to the videos for Street Soldiers and Fight Back.. It might not be as heavy on the political content as usual but don't get it twisted... This aint the Common[Sense] switchitup. You know what it is...

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