Brugal, Blunts, & PBR

We definitely tried to do something completely different here. To accompany the Concerto piece I recently released off of the ADHD project, I edited footage Jacob took of me in our top secret location. I know this is something that will get mixed reactions given the content, but I feel like this works with the song in showing the depression that I talk about in the record and what I was going through while writing a lot of the material for ADHD. The quality of the footage should've come out better given the camera we used, but something got lost in the rendering. I'm still working this out, I haven't edited film in a long time and I used imovie for this so cut me some slack. Other then that, Jake shot this with his new camera that takes really nice photos and video.. what do you think..?

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Hold On (Video)

Curren$y's new video for the record, "Hold On" Off of his Pilot Talk 2 release.

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Rah Intelligence posted this on his facebook earlier today and I had to share it! Every year I go through this whole thing with people about why I don't celebrate christmas so I am thankful for this video courtesy of 4word productions that deals with the origins and meanings behind christmas in a light-hearted but real way. Enjoy..

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Helmsplitter EP

Brand new free EP from the good people at the Helmsplitter. Not only does this feature hotness from the likes of Seyonia Washington, OTO, and Pause.. but it also got a brand new joint off ADHD called "1Tyme4UrMynd" Needless to say you need to go get this.. (Click the link to download it)

1. Seyonia Washington - Imagine if the Beat Stopped
2. Pause - Where You Should Be
3. The Helmsplitter - Fight An Animal!
4. Zayde Buti - Hot n’ Juicy
5. O.T.O. - Sail On Freestyle
6. Jasmine Mans - Nicki Minaj
7. Zeek - Hold To The Time
8. Anthony Febo - First Time
9. Catch Wreck - 1Tyme4UrMynd
10. Jack Kahn - Crisis
11. The Helmsplitter - Outro
12. Daniel Fairclough - Her Eyes (Bonus)

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Boom Bap & Beyond!

The new EP from Retrospek dropped this morning and I could not be happier. This might be the hottest local Hip Hop release of 2010..Hurry up and grab that free download off the bandcamp before they figure out that muhf***as should be payin for this...

CCR all day b****es!

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The Helmsplitter

I had a good time at WECB last night on the Helmsplitter with DongoSon and Dan the Man for their last show of the semester. In case you missed it, you can download the entire show including our conversation and some of the new joints off of ADHD..

Here's a list of the songs they played on the show..

Catch Wreck - Outta Control
Catch Wreck - Concerto
Free Energy - Hope Child
Fusion Mobile - Almost There ft Lauren Hillman
Catch Wreck - 1Tyme4UrMynd
Alien Ant Farm - Goodbye

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Kangol Hats

Phonetic One sent this to me this morning. Nice laid back track, sit back, smoke somethin and relax to this..

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Gappy Ranks - The Best Is (Video)

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Watch For it... OFWGKTA

It would be irresponsible of me as a blogger not to make mention of these dudes. Think the black version of Insane Clown Posse over Neptunes production, with less clown makeup and more swag. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is quickly taking over and might be one of the most interesting acts to hit the scene in a long time. These dudes are either on to something, on something, or both, either way, the shit works!

I first came across OFWGKTA a couple months ago via an interview they [Tyler the Creator, their leader] did with the blog Cool'eh. It was such a well-done interview that, I had to find out more. So I started doing my digging. OFWGKTA is a collective of artists, rappers, producers, and skaters with a growing cult following. Since my initial introduction the crew, I started noticing the name pop up everywhere.. I must admit, I didn't get it at first..

Shit was disturbing to say the least. Over time, however, I continued to follow these dudes and downloaded more of the music, and now the shit makes perfect sense to me..

These dudes are the Young & the Restless for real. They act it out in a way thats meant to scare the shit out of you but it does make you ask yourself, "How the fuck these kids come up with this shit in the first place?" Thats what makes this shit art! I can't wait to hear what they got in the works but you can be assured I'll be keeping a close eye on their tumblr for the latest. You should too..

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Bad Rabbits Remix Album

Brand new thanks to the heads up @ KarmaLoop.. If you don't have the Original Stick Up Kids EP go get that now and then go get this.. Sh*t's tight!

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This new joint I got from NYOIL goes hard! I am a firm believer that conscious rappers should never be afraid to step out of their element to let a muhf*cka know he can still get smacked. We not the hippy conscious rappers! This joint, which also features Sic Men and Dyverse, reminds me of Wu sh*t from back in the day which should be know surprise since cats also hail from Shaolin (The Stat.. Staten Island if u don't know..)

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Year of the Female MC

Its official.. 2011 is the Year of the Female MC. Without even getting into the debate over the artistic validity of a Nikci Minaj, there are at least a couple projects surfacing that indicate she should be the least of a lot of people's worries.. Enter Rapsody and Keziah: Two sistas with projects out that shit on 95% of what's out there..

Hezekiah's sister proves talent runs in the family with her self-titled EP.. Available for free download via Bandcamp..

9th Wonder affiliate, Rapsody boasts tight flow over smooth production on the mixtape, Replay.

Both projects are available for free download so the only reason you wouldn't grab these up is pure ignorance or hate. Don't be one of those people.

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Joell Ortiz - Battle Cry [video]


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Big K.R.I.T. - Can't Be All (Official Music Video)

Lovin this joint!

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PEMG and NYOIL present: Beneath the Surface

NYOIL and PEMG are putting together a new series called Beneath the Surface. In the pilot, NYOIL sits down with Ant Rich, Head of Urban A&R at Jive Records to discuss the current state of the music industry. Definitely an interesting conversation..

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The Bullits – Close Your Eyes (Starring Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu)


Dope new video I found on World of Underground Hip Hop. Jay Elec is killin sh*t right now!

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