Outta Control

Brand spankin new music off of the EP, 4 the People, slated for release in early September. Big shoutout to Rah Intelligence from Retrospek comin with that heat as always!

<a href="http://catchwreck.bandcamp.com/track/outta-control">Outta Control by Catch Wreck</a>

So far no one's donated to the kickstarter..I don't know what yall waitin on, the clock is tickin.. tic tic

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One of my favorite blogs for trip-hop, 'Indoor Music' recently posted an album I had been trying to get a hold of for years. When I was about 16, I remember my sister returning from New York City telling me about a band she saw perform that she said I needed to hear. She played me Moonraker's Nada Brama and I thought it was some of the most unique and innovative music I had ever heard (before I had ever learned of Portishead and other bands). Definitely a must have and extremely hard to find.

1. Shalom
2. Night with you
3. Organic love
4. The rescue
5. Madeline
6. Drying sun
7. These walls
8. Wood & stone
9. Modern way

Download (via IndoorMusic) ..you know you love me..

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What a..

New fire from the Getback camp! Rafael Casal doin it again with his video for the song 'Spitter'. His mixtape, Bay Boy is droppin July 1st so be on the lookout.

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Get in Line

New music from JDante by way of producer, DawnSon. The EP, Destiny, will be released in its entirety for free this Thursday on bandcamp. Don't miss out. And in the meantime, check out the track, "Get in Line"

<a href="http://destinyep.bandcamp.com/track/get-in-line">Get In Line by JDantexDawnsSon</a>

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New joint for the Summertime from Staten Island's NYOIL. Love this joint and the video!

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The Lost Prophecies

New joints off Uno the Prophet's The Lost Prophecies.

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NEW: Scope T-Shirts!

Boston based Scope Urban Apparel debuts with three new designs now available for preorder!

Peace =Peace Equals
Coinciding with the mission of Scope Urban Apparel, this tee encourages our customers to look beyond the surface and recognize opposites are intimately related. Justice before Peace.
Know PowerKnow-Power
Knowledge of Self is critical to each and every individuals growth and empowerment. "Life without knowledge is death in disguise." ~K.O.S. Determination
PR Machete
This shirt commemorates the Macheteros Struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico: R.I.P. Filiberto Ojeda Rios 4/26/33 - 9/23/05

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Definitely enjoyed being present for the recording of this banger right here from the one-and-only Retrospek. If you don't already have 'Sumshytwedid' go get it and stop sleeping (its free). This new joint, 'Trippin' is a lovely example of the new direction cats is going in and I can't wait to hear more of what they got in the works.

Retrospek-Trippin (CDQ) by retrospek

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Whuddup Manhattan

Not sure how they got a hold of it but I'm definitely not mad. Shoutout DAMN YC. (DAMN stands for Defense Against Media Nonsense)

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Shout to Palestine!

If ten years ago somebody told me that I would be able to talk to people across the world via a live video feed on a TV screen and a microphone, I would've thought they were crazy. If they told me the live video feed would be located in Dudley Square and be used to talk to people in Gaza in Palestine, I would've really thought they were crazy. However yesterday morning I did just that, thanks to Jamarhl Crawford, John Ewing and the work of the Virtual Street Corners project.

Normally Virtual Street Corners connects Dudley Square in Roxbury with Coolidge Corner in Brookline: Two areas in Boston only two miles apart with virtually no interaction with each other until this project.

Yesterday, however, Dudley and Coolidge Corner got to connect with students in the Gaza strip, via the video chat and an organization called Tida that works to connect Palestine with the world at large.

The conversation covered everything from politics, current events, education, the arts, daily life, and of course, World Cup Soccer (We are both supporting the African and Latin American teams).

One of the students shared a rap in Arabic. I could not understand a word of what he said, but his flow was definitely on point and I would love to work with him in the future. I shared with them my verse from 'Thug Survival' about the police. Also, I got to hear a beautiful poem about the struggle in Palestine, from one of the young ladies in the group. I had known there was Hip Hop and poetry in Palestine from a documentary I watched called Slingshot Hip Hop and also from meeting DAM in Boston when they performed here, but I did not know that the talent was so outspread!

After more than an hour of conversing, it became apparent we (young people in the States and in Palestine) have a lot more in common then we realize. By the end of the broadcast we were anxious to continue the conversation, and stay connected. It is absolutely amazing how far technology has come and how we can use it as a tool to connect with the world.

Click here to read what the conversation was like from the perspective of Amal Murtaja who participated in the convo from the Gaza side.

Also, Live from Gaza is a blog run by Lina, who also participated in the convo and is a great source of information on what is going on in the Gaza strip.

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New Music!

A couple joints dropped today that I had been waiting on for quite sometime. Happy to say neither one of them disappoint.

First and foremost, big up my RBG Comrades Dead Prez, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the release of the classic album Let's Get Free with yet Another Classic: Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz: the mixtape hosted by DJ Drama...

01. Intro
02. Far From Over
03. Soul Power
04. Exhibit M
05. The Game Is A Battlefield
06. Malcolm Garvey Huey Feat. Divine
07. The Beauty Within
08. Krs-One Speaks
09. The Movement
10. Gotta Luv It
11. Never Turn My Back
12. Don’t Waste It
13. Lil’ Ghetto Boy$
14. Overdose
15. Fear Not The Revolution
16. Let The People Be Heard (Feat. Estelle)
17. Rbg ’til I Die (Zayd Malik Feat. Stic.Man)
18. Hood News_Struggle Like Us
19. The G In Me (Feat. Mikeflo)

If that aint enough.. Definitely don't miss out on the new Roots album. Waited for months for this since the video for 'How I got Over' was out. Once again the Roots have delivered a solid album, and I have to give it to them staying fresh..after 15 years that's impressive.

1. A Peace Of Light (Feat. Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, Haley Dekle)
2. Walk Alone (Feat. Truck North, P.O.R.N., Dice Raw)
3. Dear God 2.0 (Feat. Monsters Of Folk)
4. Radio Daze (Feat. Blu, P.O.R.N., Dice Raw)
5. Now Or Never (Feat. Phonte, Dice Raw)
6. How I Got Over (Feat. Dice Raw)
7. DillaTude The Flight Of Titus
8. The Day (Feat. Blu, Phonte, Patty Crash)
9. Right On (Feat. Joanna Newsome, STS)
10. Doin It Again
11. The Fire (Feat. John Legend)
12. Tunnel Vision
13. Web 20/20 (Feat. Peedi Peedi, Truck North)
14. Hustla (Bonus) (Feat. STS)

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10KStrong in Boston Globe

Rally addresses neighborhood violence, drugs

Youths suggest more activities to occupy peers

Jesse Winfrey (left) greets Mercedes Reid at the 10,000 Strong Boston event on Father’s Day. Activists and politicians spoke.Jesse Winfrey (left) greets Mercedes Reid at the 10,000 Strong Boston event on Father’s Day. Activists and politicians spoke. (Pat Greenhouse/ Globe Staff)
By Jack Nicas
Globe Correspondent / June 21, 2010

To 21-year-old Jesse Winfrey, growing up in Roxbury was not easy. There were few summer jobs, and fewer alternatives to the streets. Drugs and guns were just a part of life.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody my age who’s not somehow connected to the negative lifestyle,’’ said Winfrey, who spends much of his time writing rap lyrics about the issues afflicting his community. “Just living here, knowing people, you get automatically involved.’’

Three weeks ago, his friend Ivol Brown was stabbed to death in Mattapan, one of four teens killed in the city last month.

Last week, Winfrey was in a corner store near his home when he heard gunshots outside.
“Had I left my house two minutes later,’’ he said, “I could have been dead.’’
But there is hope for a better Boston, Winfrey and four other Roxbury youths said yesterday at an antiviolence event at Franklin Park.

And the solutions can be simple, they said.

“More community centers where kids can go hang out together and break down these barriers with kids from different neighborhoods,’’ said Jeremy Rodriguez, 19, a student at College Bound Dorchester.

“And we need more jobs for the youths,’’ Winfrey said. “There’s a three-month period with no school and a lot of kids just have nothing to do. There’s got to be something to keep their minds active.’’

The discussion intensified when the topic of guns came up. All five blamed lax laws for the influx of firearms in the city’s poorer neighborhoods.

“There’s 12-year-olds walking around with guns, that’s how easy it is,’’ said Santiago Rivera, 20, who wore a shirt memorializing his friend Paola Castillo, a pregnant woman who was shot dead at her 18th birthday party in Hyde Park last fall.

Getting rid of guns “wouldn’t solve all the problems, but it would make a big difference,’’ he said.

The five men, all members of advocacy groups, were just a sample of the young activists at the third annual 10,000 Strong Boston, a gathering aimed at addressing the challenges in the black, Latino, and Cape Verdean communities.

The event’s founder, Jamarhl Crawford, a 39-year-old activist who greets everyone by saying “Peace,’’ said solving the city’s corruption is key to solving its problems.

“The cries for peace are great, but we need to recognize the cries should really be for justice,’’ he said.

The important questions aren’t being asked, he said, such as, “Where are the kids getting all these guns from?’’

Che Furiga, the mother of Terrence S. Kelley, an 18-year-old gunned down in Dorchester on May 28, said fewer guns and more summer jobs would help, but nothing is as important as good parenting.

“I have a 4-year-old and I’m going to protect him with all that I can,’’ she said. “And I hope everyone else starts protecting their children and starts schooling their children on the things happening out here, so we can just stop this. Stop the nonsense.’’

Noting that it was Father’s Day, Governor Deval Patrick called men to action during his speech at the event, asking them to step up not only for their own children, but also for children without fathers.

“There’s a need for adults to start acting like adults,’’ he told the Globe later. “We need to start intervening, and paying more attention to our kids.’’

Jack Nicas can be reached at jnicas@globe.com

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Gettin it in..

In the Lab w/ Retrospek, Arcitype, Blizz and Jake

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4 the People on Kickstarter

I really like this site I found about a year ago called Kickstarter. Its been used to put out some real good work and so I thought, why not give it a try... Here's my pitch...

Myself (Catch Wreck) and Rah Intelligence (Producer from the group Retrospek) have come together to put out an EP entitled "4 the People" that we hope to distribute for free.

Having both grown up in Roxbury, MA, we hope to use this EP to tell the story of what goes on in our community both good and bad.

We plan to record this project a the Bridge Sound and Stage studio in Cambridge, MA. The majority of the donations will be used to cover the cost of studio time but a portion of the donations will also be used to cover the cost of producing physical copies, distribution, and promotion. As an independant artist it is difficult to come out of pocket to produce material, but with a little bit of help, we hope to create something we can share with the world, free of charge..and its not a lot of money we are asking for. Because we dont cut corners when it comes to the work, we can get this project done with under $1,000 Dollars. This is a great way to support real, independent, conscious Hip Hop from artist with something to say besides what is prevalent in the mainstream.

Support Independent Hip Hop!

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#Nowplaying Vol. 2

A playlist of joints I've had in heavy rotation as of recently.


1. Dead Prez - Far From Ova
2. Drake - Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne
3. Dominik Omega - Rap on ft. Carolina Black
4. Oye - Not Even
5. Mela Machinko - Patron
6. Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
7. Gil Scott-Heron - Me and the Devil
8. Rafael Casal - Disturbing the Peace
9. Leftfield - Inspection Check One
10. Illiam Savant - Coach You
11. Cee-Lo - Goldschl├Ągerr
12. Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives
13. Mike Flo & Leo Goetz - Big Band
14. Retrospek - So Cold
15. K'Naan - Bang Bang
16. Jovi Rockwell - Rizzla 

Download the songs here


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Watch For it... (Part 4: Milwaukee Hip Hop Edition)

Volume 4. I know, I know, at this rate I probably should've called it "wait for it" but what can I say? I'm learning very quickly how difficult it is to maintain a consistent blog. That being said, let me waist no more time.

This edition focuses specifically on the bubbling Hip Hop scene out in Milwaukee, WI. If you don't know, now you know: Cats is gettin it in out there. For example:


Name: Oye
Age: 20
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

After solid beats and dope lyrics, what more do you need to stand out as a Hip Hop artist? A little style never hurt. And my dude right here got it. Just 20 years old and already making major moves linkin up with the homies at Inkred Clothing to put out his debut project, the In my Mind EP. The joint is bangin, Dont believe me go log onto oye414.com and see for yourself. Also check his interview out on Crayon Beats.


Name: R-Tystic
Age: 21
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

Part of the team of Hip Hop superheroes known as SAFS crew, R-Tystic is just one of many nasty lyricists holdin it down for Milwaukee. Featured prominently on Dukalion's The Boiling Point sampler, R-Tystic sets himself apart from many of his fellow MCs with a unique laid-back style.


Name: Dukalion
Age: 20
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

"and can't nobody put it down like..." Dukalion, reppin the SAFS crew. If you got volume 1 of "#Nowplaying" then you know that Duke is definitely NOT playing. When I threw on the Boiling Point Sampler for the first time, I had no idea what to expect.. Coming from a city known for haters like Boston, I was fully prepared to criticize the hell out of the project before I heard it.. But after listening, I must say, the joint bangs start to finish and I can't wait to hear what my dude got in the works next. We'll be watchin for it...


Name: Sunny Daze
Age: 19
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Genre: Hip Hop

And for the fans of Kid Cudi (and things of that nature), be sure to check for this guy right here. Once again, SAFS crew is to blame. Sunny Daze is on his own sh*t. Space Alien.. not of this world you dig!? My dude said, "All I know is spaceships and fly chicks" Do i smell a Ghostface collab?? #letmestop.

But seriosly, jokes aside, yall really do need to stop sleeping. I'm not doing this to promote these artists. They don't need my help. I'm trying to put you on to what is about to take over the music industry. If you are keeping up, you cannot say nobody gave you the heads up. To quote a famous rapper who just put an album out, "Thank me Later."

For more on the Milwaukee Hip Hop scene, I recommend this blog:

And since this is my sh*t and I can do what I want, I'm only postin four today, and 6 next time. You don't like it?? Sue me..or get your own blog! I do what I feel like. What!?

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Somethin to Support

(Via Kickstarter) Shoutout to the sistas doing they thing in this "male-dominated" Hip Hop game. This "She the Hard Way" project is definitely something to support... A lot of very talented artists involved...

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Far from Ova

"Bout to go Jonathan Jackson on you bitches!"

Shout to Y2KDaily ... As a die-heard fan of Dead Prez I'm definitely not mad at this. Can't wait for the mixtape... I knew it was only a matter of time before DP would touch this instrumental, given Drake quotes them on the second verse of the original. Here it go right here.. lemme know what you think...

Download Dead Prez Far From Ova (Freestyle) mp3

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In a Hood near you.. (Boston)

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We Need Eachother

If you are in or around the Boston area, there are two very important events going down next week that you must be aware of.

First and foremost, myself, Jamarhl Crawford, and many others are proud to present for the third year in a row, 10,000 Strong Boston - a rally promoting justice and unity taking place in Franklin Park's Playstead on Sunday June 20.

Secondly, shoutout to Daneja from the MIC for always striving to unify our segmented Boston Hip Hop scene. A few days after 10,000 Strong, on June 24, the MIC is holding an event at Sammy's Patio on Revere Beach...

I plan on attending both events and look forward to disscussing strategies around building and supporting unity. We do indeed need eachother. Hope I see you there...

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Catch Wreck Featured on HQ Hip-Hop

The Fight Back Video - prdouced by Rene Dongo was featured today on HQ Hip-Hop. Definitely check http://www.hqhiphop.net/ out for their extensive selection of music and the discussion forum.


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