Well I aint even been in New York for 24 hours and of course its already an adventure. Politicin and networking for the music, organizing, and the various business ventures. I'll be here till tomorrow morning.. then its back up to Boston to perform at the Roxbury Film Festival's showing of Chico Colvard's 'Family Affair' documentary.

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RIP Korona

Got word today that the album my dude Korona started before he passed is out and available.

Its a lot of mixed emotions for me. I love the album, and I'm glad it got done. But still saddened by the fact that its always the good one's that go early. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. RIP Korona

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First time for everything

I bought my first piece of visual art today. The colors and the design stood out to me so I thought, why not? Not bad huh?

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From the Vault: Want it!?!?

The beginning of PEMG... NaeInk, Smoov Da Great, Big Nay the Ice Queen..

This is the first video for PEMG! We never released it but as we prepare to launch the video for Pledge of Allegiance we want to take it back to the foundation. This first project features some of our extended family first on deck is NaeInk repping Chi-town and Grand Rapids MI all day! We also have our big homie CatchWreck repping Boston Mass. 
And of course we have official PEMG members Smoov the Great and BigNay the IceQueen. 
This is what it is .. and that's what's up!

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Waitin.. The Video!!

The vid is Up! O and I gettin it in the studio...

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New Wise!

Brand new fire from Wise Intelligent of the Poor Righteous Teachers!! Definitely not mad this right here!!


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"Waitin'" Featured on Rock the Dub

Thanks to Khal for coverage of "Waitin'" on Rock the Dub:

OTO & Catch Wreck "Waitin'" (prod. by Igor Buckets): Lovin' this beat right here - it's hard but rocks a fun sample as well. Not sure if Catch & O have a project lined up, but a video is definitely on the way. I imagine if it's gonna be a bunch of C.O.'s singing and dancing with a jiggin' ass nigga on his way to death row. Via RapperSlashBlogger.

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"Waitin'" Featured on That's Major

Shouts to That's Major for spreading the new O.T.O-Catch Collabo "Waitin'."

Dope! Catch Wreck always has serious presentation, and the production is on some crazy alchemist shit

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Now What?

Waitin ft. OTO by Catch Wreck

New music from myself and O.T.O. Be on the lookout for the video comin real soon..

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Git U 1..

Lookin mighty crispy if I may say so myself..

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BUILD: Alfie Numeric

Back in the ancient days of primitive social networking and myspace, I once came across an artist with visually stunning work and a very unique and memorable name.. Alfie Numeric, the beautiful and multi-talented artist from Los Angeles, California describes herself as a "modern day urban warrior." At 17, while trying to achieve stardom by posting videos and music on my page, I think I thought I was in love.. Fast-forward to the future world of blogs and tweets and I (grown now of course..) found Ms. Numeric once again.. To my extreme delight she agreed to do an interview for the blog. She has not agreed to go on a date with me yet, but I am working on it...

Catch Wreck: So, for those unfamiliar, what is it that you do?

Alfie Numeric: I have two equal jobs ... my career is artist/graphic designer/curator/event producer..that's my spirit. My day job is working at the Writers Guild of America, the union for Hollywood writers.

CW: So you're an artist of many talents..When did you find your calling and what medium did you start out with? Do you have a preference when it comes to the different types of art you do?

AN: I think it’s safe to say that my calling found me! I’ve been drawing since I can pick up a pencil. I used to get in trouble as a child drawing in my mom’s medical books, on the walls, on the sidewalk. I’ve always wanted to be an artist but as a kid, I didn’t think I could make money from it. But art chased me down in my college years and tackled me by the time I graduated.

My first medium was graphite. There is no mixing involved. No storing paints. No crazy clean up. Just you and the pencil, pushing and pulling on the paper. From there exploration is needed in growth so eventually I started toying with other mediums. Right now, I am playing with acrylic paints, glitter, wood, some clay. My exploration has not stopped.

I don’t have a solitary preference. I believe it all depends on the project and what is the best way to convey that project in the best light possible. I am learning that I am a better drawer than painter. Often time my sketches get lost in translation when I put paint on it. Because of that, I prefer working on natural pine canvases. The paint behaves more like a pencil and is more fluid.

CW: I know exactly what you mean. I gave up on painting years ago..I hope this next question isn't too cliche.. But where do you draw from for inspiration?
AN: I believe it is safe to say that I draw inspiration directly from life. Every piece is auto-biographical. You can say that each piece is like a page out of my mental diary. People have their own ways on how to process life. Mine happens to be visual at the moment. It is even brought to my attention that the women I paint look like me. I can only paint what I know so subconsciously, I do paint women that look more like me.

CW: So its not intentional?

AN: Nope, I don’t feel that it is. I just draw and paint. I don’t use models unless I need someone to strike a pose for reference. I have been thinking of using models to diversify the subjects but when I paint, I don’t plan it out. I just dive in.

CW: Well if you'd like, I'd be more than happy to model for you..

AN: Very funny..

CW: So do you have anything in the works that people should know about?

AN: Aaah, yes.. Well, we have the closing of “Portraits of the Proletariat” on July 24th. That was a group art show with my crew, the Beatrock Artist Kollective. Special musical guests are Bambu and Rhythm Natives. That’s in Long Beach CA at Dream Jungle Tattoos.


Then on the 31st of July, I am double-booked… Earlier in the day, I will be in Chinatown LA for the Make it Funky Music and Art Fest. Then in the evening I will be live painting at the JACCC for the TN Party in Little Tokyo. Outdoor concert, live art, vendors, and gourmet food trucks.

In September, I will be part of the 19th annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, the largest Pilipino arts festival in Southern California. I will be painting a mural there with the Beatrock Artists Kollective.

CW: I will be sure to pass that info on to our readers. Its been more than a pleasure building with you..

For more on Alfie Numeric be sure to check out her website featuring the Beatrock Artist Collective as well as her Profile on Artslant.


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Another Forgotten Classic

Might be one of the most solid conscious Hip Hop albums of all time. Start to finish New World Order is the truth, literally.

01 Who Shot The Presiden ? (Intro)
02 Miss Ghetto
03 Word Iz Life
04 Allies feat. The Fugees
05 New World News (Interlude)
06 Gods, Earth & 85ers feat. Nine
07 My Three Wives (Shakyla Pt. III)
08 Wicked Everytime
09 N.A.T.O. (Global Cops)
10 Conscious Styles feat. KRS-One
11 Culture Freestyles (Interlude)
12 They Turned Gangsta feat. Brother J & Sluggy Ranks
13 We Dat Nice
14 Hear Me Out (Interlude)
15 Fo Da Love Of Dis
16 Dreadful Day feat. Junior Reid
17 Sistuh
18 Outro

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Forgotten Classic

This album might've been the only that kept me sane during my stint as an incarcerated teen...and undoubtedly one of the most slept on in Hip-Hop period. I always loved the way Shyheim was able to express the struggle of a young black man growing up in the hood in a way we can all relate to. Here it is for yall courtesy of HQHipHop


01 Shit Iz Real
02 Dear God
03 Jiggy Comin'
04 5 Elements
05 Shaolin Style
06 Real Bad Boys
07 What Makes The World Go Round
08 Can You Feel It
09 Life As A Shorty
10 Don't Front - Let's Chill
11 Things Happen
12 See What I See
13 Still There
14 Young Godz

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More Music!

2 of the Artists featured on Watch for it Dropped projects this week. And the best part is they are both available free of charge!

JDante and Dawnson's Destiny dropped yesterday and you can get it for free on bandcamp.

Rafael Casal's Bay Boy just dropped as well and is available via his website, the Getback.

Both of these joints are highly recommended and did I mention free?

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New Sites!

We goin blog crazy out here! Just set up a couple sites to focus on networking and movement-building.

Young Gifted and Black was actually set up a few years ago, when myself and many of the young artists of color in Boston came together for a show that eventually grew into a movement. We never did much with the website until now, but the hope is to use this site to turn YGB into a global movement with young artists of color all over the world.

United in Resistance is a blog that we setup after the powerful video conference with Gaza. With this site we would like to continue the dialogue we began with the video conference and also promote Afro-Arab unity and solidarity.

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Dub Love

More love from Khal from RTD

Catch Wreck "Outta Control" [clean | dirty]: Wreck and Rah Intelligence have been working hard, and this is the first leak from their EP 4 The People, which should be out for free very soon. Shit's kinda gritty - hardhitting and raw Rap.
Article Here
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