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Starting a new feature on here to keep my eager readers eagerly reading...and my eager listeners eagerly listening. A lot of people ask me what I like to listen to and who are some of my favorite artists. The fact is, it changes constantly, and I have some of the most eclectic tastes of anyone you'll meet, when it comes to music. So i decided I'll post playlists to share with you guys. Everything I listen to when I am not listening to beats. Enjoy1...

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1. Gang Starr - A Long Way to Go
2. Tarica June - Black Girl's Song
3. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A
4. Retrospek - Over and Over Again
5. Rafael Casal - Running Down
6. Beady Belle - Game
7. Mos Dub - Ms. Vampire Booty
8. Janelle Monae - Metropolis
9. Bitter:Sweet - Drink You Sober
10. Noisettes - Never Forget You
11. Dukalion - Put it Down
12. Illiam Savant - iRock
13. Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation
14. Tito & Talib - 5in4 (minimix)
15. Billie Holiday - More Than You Know (Jazzeem's Throwback Remix)
16. Joe Pass - A Time For Us

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Catch Wreck Featured on Hip-Hop Is Read

Some love from Hip-Hop Is Read - another blog you definitely need to check out.

As a Lakers fan, Boston is definitely on my sniper scope radar right about now. Hometown bias aside, I know a good thing when I see it -- or hear it. Enter Catch Wreck: a Bean Town emcee that spits. hot. fiyah © Dave Chappelle. CW effectively toes the line between pop sensibilities mixed with neo-Paris/dead prez get-up-stand-up subject matter. His new mixtape, The Young & The Restless, is available for purchase now. Cop & support:

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Catch Wreck Featured on That's Major

The Young & The Restless on That's Major.

I haven’t heard anything from Catch Wreck in quite a while until he sent this over and homie’s stepped everything up 100%, the beat choice is great, the lyrics are top notch, and the general presentation is intelligent and informed without being off putting like a lot of people come across as a TRYING to be intelligent… the informed will definitely like this…
Catch Wreck just put out his latest project that’s available over @ BandCamp for $8, homies giving you a full length original project for less than a super sized fast food meal!

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Happy Born Day to Malcolm X

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Thanks Again to Rock the Dub

Coverage on the Mixtape Release:

If you dug "Restless", I wanted to let you know that Catch Wreck's The Young & The Restless is available on Bandcamp for $8. Features includ NYOIL and Chill Breeze, and the tape mixes it up with freestyles AND original tracks. Homey has this new revolution feel to his work, kind of like a 2010 dead prez, Public Enemy thing going on. Proper Hip-Hop with proper mental elevation. "I'm making music to make a difference", as Wreck says.
Thanks to @Khal from Rock the Dub.


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So this is pretty interesting right here.. A 5 minute mixtape.. And talk about eclectic, this project places my music alongside Cassie, Das Racist, and Big Boi. Dope idea though and shoutout to Tito and Talib over at Emerson.


1)Big Boi - Shutterbug
2)Das Racist - Who's That? Brooown!
3)Catch Wreck - Restless
4)Cassie - Skydiver
5)Cliff Savage - Savage Gets Crazy

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Wait is Over..

The Young & The Restless is done and ready for yall.. I put a lot of work into this project and I am beyond delighted to share it with yall..

here is the download...

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Catch Wreck Featured on Rock The Dub

Finally getting some bite from the bloggers:

Catch Wreck "Restless": Here's some lyrical fury from one of Boston's own, @CatchWreck. Dude's all about the struggle, and attacks Hip-Hop from that angle. He drops a lot of knowledge, but does it with style and flavor. I'm not sure what he has in the pipeline, release-wise, but hit up his MySpace and take a gander at the movements he's involved in. Stand up!

Thanks to @Khal from Rock the Dub. Check that site out constantly for updates on dope new Hip-Hop coming out.



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So the highlight of my weekend was spent Saturday night at the Paradise over by B.U. where I attended the fourth annual Boston Hip Hop Unity Fest headlined by none other than Mr. Jay Electronica himself.

Those familiar with the scene here in Boston know the controversy that seems to surround the Unity Fest each year. The biggest issue most people seem to have is with the fact that so many acts get booked to open, that not every artist ends up getting to do their thing.

For myself as an artist, I feel that if we're talking about unity and support, than it shouldn't be about ME and MY spotlight. I understand people want the chance to do their thing, but I think its important to acknowledge the fact that a cat made an effort to do something to unite the scene. And honestly, I am glad I attended finally after four years. It felt good, networking, building with my peers, and enjoying some dope Hip Hop. I didnt care that I wasn't performing. Don't get me wrong, I think I deserved to rock, I think I could've rocked better then some of the acts I saw, but for real, cats need to stop bitching and do something. Anyone with a complaint about how it went down, who's never tried putting on their own show like that, should take a step back. I applaud the efforts of anyone trying to do something positive for the scene here. We need it.

Among the openers, I was especially impressed with Vice Versah and the team from AR Classic. Hope somebody got video from their set cuz them cats rocked it. Also gotta big up, Demo and Ebb & Flow who was holdin it down when I walked in. And thanks to Demo for the introduction to Omayga who I got to speak to during a quick back-alley-build session.

By about 1:15am, myself and I think most of the crowd was ready to see Jay Electronica. Right after a surprise appearance from the legendary Jeru the Damaja, Jay jumped on stage from the front row of the crowd and proceeded to tear shit up. Even if it was for less than an hour my dude literally put everything into his performance.

Shout to Marlene for the footage.. You really had to be there. And as if that wasn't enough, the scene outside the club afterwards was something else. Flanked by a crowd of at least 50 fans, Jay stayed outside the club building for at least half an hour before cops came and attempted to breakup the crowd....Jay wasn't havin it. I was in disbelief watchin an inebriated Mr. Electronica tell Boston Police to get out of his face as he continued building with the people. And the best part is no one left in cuffs. Lookin forward to more shows like this in the Summer. We'll see..

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Watch for it... (Part 3)

Wake up and smell the talent. I know I'm behind on this, but here we are, Day 3 of the 25 hottest artists under 25. Lets get right to it..


Name: Elidee Notes
Age: 15
Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Genre: Soul / Indy Rock / Eclectic

The youngest to be featured on this list so far, Elidee Notes is definitely a problem. Able to sing, write poetry, and play multiple instruments, she has quite a bit to offer as far as talent goes. If you check out some of her stuff on Youtube and Reverbnation, you'll notice she not only has an amazing voice, but also a versatility to what she does that so many seem to be lacking in this current music industry. I can't wait to hear more. Follow her on twitter.

Name: JDante
Age: 20
Hometown: Chicago, IL / Milwaukee, WI / Madison, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

Super, Hyper, Mega, Cool, my dude JDante out of the Midwest let you know exactly what to expect from him on his debut EP. Another member of University of Wisconsin's First Wave click, J is definitely someone to watch for. He recently released the "Whole New World" EP along with producer Man Mantus of World Around Records. The project is getting crazy buzz overseas and will hopefully catch on here in the states real soon. In the meantime, watch for it.

Name: Smoov Da Great
Age: 20
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Genre: Hip Hop

Its no surprise Smoov Da Great of PEMG (Petroleum Empire Media Group) is killin it right now. Son of the legendary NYOIL (formerly Cool Kim of the UMCs) its clear Smoov has been exposed to Hip Hop from a young age. His new video "IDGAF" along with Lyrics of BFAM, is a real nice reflective joint with a humorous touch in the video. Don't get caught sleeping..

Name: Phonetic One
Age:  19
Hometown: Minneapolis
Genre: Hip Hop

Shout out to Rafael Casal for putting me on to this young man right here. With two solid projects available for download via his bandcamp page, Phonetic One is doing his thing. Phonetic Phenom, the EP, lets you know this cat is not to be played with and the follow-up, On the Bus Stop is right on time as well with clever lyrics and blazing beats to boot. Don't miss out.

Name: Snap Boogie
Age: 17
Hometown: Boston, MA
Genre: Dance

Anyone who meets Snap Boogie cannot help but be impressed. I met this young man when he was about 11 years old. He was grinding then and has not stopped for so much as a water break. A B-Boy at heart, Snap is also versed in many forms of Dance from Tap to Hip-Hop. If you're not seeing him doing his thing with the Floor Lords Crew in Boston, you might catch him on the Red Line or in Harvard Square grinding and hustling his art in the streets. 

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Catch Wreck Featured on Episode 39 of "MRDL"

Local filmmaker Dante Luna has been producing a series of documentary interviews with everyone from Lord Jamar, Philadelphia Freeway, Canibus and Joell Ortiz, local people from all walks of life and recently, Catch Wreck in episode #39. Do yourself a favor and go check out his other 40 episodes touching on everything from music to film, the visual arts and politics, tattoos, newspapers,comic books..."'Mr Dante Luna' is a documentary TV series. It's about learning. So pay attention."

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So Watcha been up to??

May 18
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