Photos: Pause - Stuck on 100 Release Party @ Concrete Jungle on Newbury St.

Had a great time last night celebratin the release of my dude, Pause's new free mixtape, Stuck on 100.. Scope Urban Apparel/Hood Prop/Pen and Sword/Grindmode/etc. was in the building representing

Blizz, Jero, Pause, Myself
If it wasn't for the colors I might rock this.
Myself and the lovely Ms. Sabrina Antoine
Illiam Savant, OTO, and myself
Jake, Pause, myself
Step ya game up.. If ya store aint got a fishtank, you slackin'!
Chantelle, Illiam, and Jero
Boston Latin School reunion: Myself, Cassandra from the Outlet Magazine, and Kayla

With Jordan Martins
Rene Dongo of Dongoson Pictures
Hoodlums: Myself, Jake, and Blizz
Myself along with the beautiful and talented Ms. Rozell.. Collab in the works...
Myself, Fex, Pause, and OTO

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New Scope Tee + Contest

Boston-based Scope Urban Apparel has been stirring up the fashion industry with their latest T-shirt: A design that takes aim at the controversial practices of Shepard Fairey and his company Obey..

In addition Scope made the announcement via their blog that they are holding a contest for fans to come up with their next slogan..
What: Scope Urban Apparel is holding a contest to see who can come up with the best, most creative and catchy slogan for Scope. What that means we leave up to you. Entrants are encouraged to think about Scope's Mission to empower, educate and engage when formulating their slogans.
When: We are accepting entries from now until September 15. On September 15th we will select / name the winner and the winning slogan will be revealed.  
The Prize: The winner will receive a Scope care package containing a free shirt of the size and design of their choice, among other goodies.
How to Enter: Send your name, e-mail, street address and winning contest entry to scopeurbanapparel (at) gmail (dot) com. Then, wait for the 15th to see if your entry was the one we picked. If you have multiple entries feel free to send them in one e-mail or send several different e-mails. Each entry is another chance for you to win.

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New Anthem

"I guess she's an xbox and I'm more Atari.."
This seems to be everyone's new favorite song and I don't count as any kind of exception in this case. Who can't relate to this? And when doesn't Cee-Lo kill it?

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Do you believe in..

Brand new off that Young & The Restless..

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Young Gifted and Black and Catch Wreck featured in the Boston Pheonix

Young Gifted and Black makes responsible rap cool
Drama of the Gifted Child
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  August 18, 2010

If you look closely in the 2002 video for Public Enemy's "Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need," you'll see a 13-year-old Jesse Winfrey playing the background. He was hanging in Roxbury's Funky Fresh Records when front man Chuck D entered the Dudley Square landmark with a cameraman in tow.

Winfrey, who now performs as Catch Wreck, has remained tight with his anti-establishment heroes, and opened for Public Enemy two weeks ago at the House of Blues. Chuck D knows what's up; along with his other Young Gifted and Black (YGB) counterparts, Winfrey is leading a revolutionary and enlightened rhyme movement in Boston.

Launched in 2007 by Dorchester native and community soldier Vernon C. Robinson, YGB has evolved from a series of events into a collective of socio-politically astute MCs, poets, and singers. As a whole, they don't endorse drug dealing, gun toting, or ill-gotten gains. As individuals, some participants — including Winfrey and spoken-word prodigy Sofia Snow — push further, fighting the power on such issues as police brutality and CORI reform.

"There's no buffoonery at my events," says Robinson. "I don't need to tell them what to write about, because the youth that I'm dealing with knows what's going on. They're leaders with a higher consciousness than most of their peers."

In the "each one teach one" tradition, Winfrey and other movement veterans are paying lessons forward by recruiting young new talent. Since it was built without a dime of outside funding, YGB might not be on the radar of philanthropists or politicians. But with Catch Wreck and his brethren expanding their positive base, it may be time to take notice.

"Deval Patrick should be paying a lot of attention to this," says Jamarhl Crawford, an outspoken Boston activist and Winfrey's mentor since Chuck D introduced them at a Public Enemy show in 2002. "We've spoken with [political leaders] about getting funding to help [YGB] grow in the future, but if you look at what's been going on in the streets, it clear that something needs to happen right now."

Winfrey, who recently dropped a mixtape dubbed The Young & The Restless, rocks the eighth biennial YGB showcase at OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center in Egleston Square this Saturday. YGB expects 200 attendees this time around.

"For the most part it's not cool or mainstream to be an activist," says Winfrey, "and with our music and movement we're trying to promote responsibility and make it cool."

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Death of a Beatmaker

More from the Milwaukee camp.. And its free also, courtesy of  InkRed Clothing. Dope also, did I mention dope?

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Stuck on 100

Who doesn't like free mixtapes? And its even better the sh*t is dope! And Jake from PSPirates did the cover. Get it now for free!

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Grindmode "Ooo...You Didn't Know"

rockthedub: [video] Grindmode "Ooo...You Didn't Know"

Slept on Classic

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Rock Harder!

New music from Kendo the Almost Famous, who also opened up for Public Enemy the other day, along with DMC from Run-DMC. Shit's fire!!

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Full Circle!

When I was in Middle School I was the biggest Public Enemy fan, probably at least in the city of Boston. When I was in 7th grade, I was lucky enough to meet them when they shot the video for Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need. Since I've known them, they've been some of the most humble and sincere people I've met in Hip Hop. Last night they performed in Boston and hours before the show, I got the call that I was to open up thanks to Professor Griff and the big homie, Uno the Prophet. At what could quite possibly be one of my biggest performances ever, I shared a stage with the legendary Public Enemy, as well as the slept on Son of Bazerk, and Kendo and The Almost famous.

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Pledge Allegiance

Brand new from PEMG. Wish I would've made it out to Staten Island for their show over the weekend but in any event the new video is hot to death!

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Weekend Recap

Its been a busy 72 hours for your boy.. Between traveling, performing, teaching, and filming, I been gettin it in! So I wanted to share some photos and some stories from my many adventures over the weekend.

"I love myself because I swear their life is just not as fun.."

So lets start from the top..
When you arrive in NYC on megabus, it drops you somewhere near here..

NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology. I snapped a photo because when I go back in a couple weeks, I'm hopin to go check it out with a couple of my comrades from Scope Urban Apparel. Although I saw a lot of fly women going in and out of the building, we would be going there for strictly research purposes...and maybe a little networking ;)
From there I walked up towards Times Square passed Fuse TV and Madison Square Garden. I had time to kill before gettin up with Igor Buckets in the East Village so I decided to search for something to eat.

Now for a city as expensive as New York, I was pretty impressed with the slice of pizza, garlic bread, and beer I got for only $6. Sorry yall I forgot the name of the spot.. Its somewhere in Manhattan.. as if that helps at all..

On the way to Igor Buckets' crib I walked passed Forbes Magazine. I always imagined it being located in one of those really tall skyscrapers or something but it was right there on 12th and 5th.. almost discreetly hidden.

When I got to Igor's crib, he played me some of the most amazing beats. If you aint heard Waitin yet, your sleeping.. And wait till we hit you in the head with this newness.. The beats I listened to over there, I can't even describe to yall but trust we bout to hit yall with some heat! After Igor's crib I rushed over to Brooklyn to have dinner with Sasha from Beyond the Radar.

Almost forgot to tell yall about the ad I saw on the train. It must be the New World Order.. Spike Lee got a vodka out with Absolut?? How do you spell hypocrisy again??  Well anyways back to my adventures..

Sasha and I had intended to go to Habana Outpost which is supposed to be a real famous spot with delicious Cuban food, however with the line practically out the door, we opted for Ethiopian instead. And I'm glad we did...


The Lamb was off the chain!! From there we checked out the MXGM sponsored, She's So Dope event, which was just a little further into Brooklyn. Got their late of course, but the last of the performances were dope and it was good to see my dude K-Swift up there again, whom I haven't seen since the Last Zulu Anniversary I attended. From there we intended to hit up the Nuyorican.. But of course never made it.. typical Bostonians getting lost in NYC. After that I was beat and ready to call it a night.. Plus my performance at Roxbury film festival was the next day so i jumped on the Greyhound and made my way back to the Bean.

With less than a nap I made it down to MassArt just in time to open up for the showing of Chico Colvard's documentary Family Affair. Rene Dongo, the genius behind the majority of my music videos came through as well..

And after all that, I finally got some sleep!

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