Weekend Recap

Its been a busy 72 hours for your boy.. Between traveling, performing, teaching, and filming, I been gettin it in! So I wanted to share some photos and some stories from my many adventures over the weekend.

"I love myself because I swear their life is just not as fun.."

So lets start from the top..
When you arrive in NYC on megabus, it drops you somewhere near here..

NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology. I snapped a photo because when I go back in a couple weeks, I'm hopin to go check it out with a couple of my comrades from Scope Urban Apparel. Although I saw a lot of fly women going in and out of the building, we would be going there for strictly research purposes...and maybe a little networking ;)
From there I walked up towards Times Square passed Fuse TV and Madison Square Garden. I had time to kill before gettin up with Igor Buckets in the East Village so I decided to search for something to eat.

Now for a city as expensive as New York, I was pretty impressed with the slice of pizza, garlic bread, and beer I got for only $6. Sorry yall I forgot the name of the spot.. Its somewhere in Manhattan.. as if that helps at all..

On the way to Igor Buckets' crib I walked passed Forbes Magazine. I always imagined it being located in one of those really tall skyscrapers or something but it was right there on 12th and 5th.. almost discreetly hidden.

When I got to Igor's crib, he played me some of the most amazing beats. If you aint heard Waitin yet, your sleeping.. And wait till we hit you in the head with this newness.. The beats I listened to over there, I can't even describe to yall but trust we bout to hit yall with some heat! After Igor's crib I rushed over to Brooklyn to have dinner with Sasha from Beyond the Radar.

Almost forgot to tell yall about the ad I saw on the train. It must be the New World Order.. Spike Lee got a vodka out with Absolut?? How do you spell hypocrisy again??  Well anyways back to my adventures..

Sasha and I had intended to go to Habana Outpost which is supposed to be a real famous spot with delicious Cuban food, however with the line practically out the door, we opted for Ethiopian instead. And I'm glad we did...


The Lamb was off the chain!! From there we checked out the MXGM sponsored, She's So Dope event, which was just a little further into Brooklyn. Got their late of course, but the last of the performances were dope and it was good to see my dude K-Swift up there again, whom I haven't seen since the Last Zulu Anniversary I attended. From there we intended to hit up the Nuyorican.. But of course never made it.. typical Bostonians getting lost in NYC. After that I was beat and ready to call it a night.. Plus my performance at Roxbury film festival was the next day so i jumped on the Greyhound and made my way back to the Bean.

With less than a nap I made it down to MassArt just in time to open up for the showing of Chico Colvard's documentary Family Affair. Rene Dongo, the genius behind the majority of my music videos came through as well..

And after all that, I finally got some sleep!

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