Catch Wreck on Interstate Mixtape Vol. 1

(Download Link via ThatCrack below)


01. Jigg (Miami) - Rockin Wit
02. Stik Figa (Kansas City) - Dirty South
03. Zoom AKA Brazy (New York) - Brazy (Produced By Pay Homage)
04. Catch Wreck (Boston) - Too Hot (Produced By Loon3)
05. Travieso (Inland Empire) - Its Official
06. Rocky ASAP (New York) - Bittersweet Symphony
07. H2 HardHeadz (C.W.) , Young Shaad, & A.R. (San Fransisco) - Kissing You
08. Da block (Los Angeles) -This is DF
09. Young Trav(Kansas City) - There for You
10. FatkidsBrotha(Atlanta) - Dope since 88'
11. Triggs, Krome and Mr. LOOn3 (Los Angeles) - You aint Ready
12. TroubleMaker (Pittsburgh) - Last Hope
13. Zoom AKA Brazy (New York) - La La la La(Produced by G-14 Beats
14. Krome (Los Angeles) - Im A Balla
15. Big Joe (Los Angeles) Stomper (Los angeles) & OTO (Boston) - Thrown it All Away (Produced By Loon3)

I'm on #4.. W/ A Banger called "Too Hot" produced by Mr. Loon3

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