Retrospek: Get Familiar!

From Left: Junelyfe, Rah Intelligence, Spenda (Retrospek), Myself, Mark Merrin, Mr. Lif, and Edan @ Church in Boston
For those that don't know, Retrospek is easily one of the most slept on Hip-Hop groups from the Bean in a long time. If you don't already have SumShytWeDid in your mp3 player, stop slackin and get it now.

2 weeks ago, at the Church nightclub in Boston, along with Dagha, Moe Pope, and Edan, Retrospek put it down live at one of the dopest nights for local Hip-Hop in a long time...

Additionally, this morning a track called "Ruff Coffee Break" off of their upcoming EP surfaced.. if its any indication of what to expect in the future from these dudes, then there's a lot of rappers in a lot of trouble..

Ruff Coffee Break by rahintelligence

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