Boston Music Awards

Believe it or not, I'm actually not disgruntled at the fact I'm not nominated. Actually I could care less about an award or a nomination but there are some names on the list that definitely need your support. The voting has just opened so its up to you now to decide who gets the recognition.. Here are my picks..

Live Artist of the Year - Bad Rabbits

Bad Rabbits Promo | Chain Gang Productions from Chain Gang Productions on Vimeo.

Just watch that video! I caught these dudes openin up for the Cool Kids at the Paradise about a year and a half ago and I was blown away by the energy they bring on stage with them. From what I understand they are at work on an album right now and performing around the country..

DJ Artist of the Year - Kon

Kills it! 'Nuff said! Go see him spin!

Hip Hop Artist of the Year - Moe Pope

Formerly a member of Project Move and before that, Insight's The Electric Company, Moe Pope teamed up with producer, Rain, to put out one of the most important albums for Boston Hip Hop. This dude deserves a couple more nominations than he got..

Pop Artist of the Year - Bad Rabbits (See Above..)

Now go vote!

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