Pale Kid goes viral

By now you've probably all seen this. A couple weeks ago the homey, George Watsky released his video, "Pale Kid Raps Fast" Little did he know, the song would gain millions of plays in less then the first 24 hours of him putting it up.. Apparently a lot of people wanted to see a pale kid rap fast including none other then Ellen Degenerous.. The video is being parodied by beatboxers and other white rappers hoping to ride the wave of popularity. George and I used to joke about the fame and acclaim he got from his appearance on Def Poetry Jam. But fuck Russel Simmons and that tall Israeli, we got the internet. As I write this post the original video has generated 5,587,531 views since originally posted it.. If only there was a link to rapperslashblogger at the end of it.. Hats off to George, he's been forever diligent with his craft since I met him years ago when we both opened for Blackalicious in Boston. Be on the lookout for some new heat coming from the both of us real soon.. in the meantime, watch as he skillfully multitasks, speedrhyming and cat-stroking.. You know you wish you were ill like that...

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