Been a Long time..

..I shouldn't leave you, without some strong blogs to read through. I know I keep saying I'ma get better at keeping this updated but it doesn't seem to have worked thus far. With a million and one things currently on my plate its been difficult but I haven't forgotten the many loyal readers who frequent this blog.

Its been utter chaos the past couple weeks and I have some good and also some very unfortunate news. Beginning with the bad news I am saddened to share that yet another young black male was shot and killed by Boston Police last weekend. 19 year old Manuel DaVeiga was at a memorial for his friend who was recently killed before police chased and eventually shot and killed him, making him the 17th victim of Boston Police gunfire since 1995. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family, as well as the entire city of Boston as we gear up for what we all hope to be a peaceful Summer.

For updates on the situation check the Blackstonian and VOL.

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