Watch for it... (Part 1)

So for the next 5 days, I will be sharing with you all 25 artists under the age of 25 that you need to know about. With the release of the Young & the Restless just around the corner, I figure now's a good time to highlight a little bit of the work some of my peers are putting in. Lets get into it...

First up...

Name: Ray Leon
Age: 19
Hometown: Boston, MA
Genre: Hip-Hop

Already a war veteran at only 19, Rey Leon, has quite a story to tell. His debut EP, "The Pledge", dropping this Spring, will offer listeners a glimpse of some of that story. The first single, "I Still Love Her" borrows the instrumental from the classic Common Sense record.

Name: Rafael Casal
Age: 24 (just made it)
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Genre: Hip Hop / Spoken Word

Though we were both featured on George Watsky's album, and I had heard things about this artist here and there, I must admit I've been sleeping. It wasn't until just last week that I gave his album, Monster (click to download), a serious listen. I'm sure glad I did though. I'm rarely moved by an entire project but this one deserves it. Fire all the way through. Giant is a song any man who's been in a disfunctional relationship should have no trouble relating to. What you think?

Name: Blizz Cartel
Age: 22
Hometown: Roxbury, MA
Genre: Hip Hop

One of the nastiest producers in the Boston area. When it comes to fire, Blizz Cartel got more to offer than a little bit. Currently at work on his debut project, Blizz has provided beats for the likes of myself, Illiam Savant (Tres), J. Nolan, Gridlock Entertainment and many others for years. Listen to the tracks he got up on soundclick as well some of the blazing sh*t we've worked together on (Hotter, A Love, Fight Back...and a whole bunch more on this Young & The Restless. ya heard?)

Name: Safia Elhillo
Age: 19
Hometown: Khartoum, Sudan
Genre: Spoken Word / Poetry

I was in love with this sister before I even met her. Gotta thank my dude, Uno the Prophet for the introduction. Safia is no joke. A brilliant writer and multi-talented artist, I watched her perform a poem a couple weeks ago at CUPSI that gave me chills. Do yourself a favor and get hip..
Check out her blog

And the last one for today....

Name: Rene Dongo
Age: 21
Hometown: Roslindale, MA
Genre: Film

Rene Dongo is the director I work exclusively with for all my joints. He did the one you see above for Rey Leon as well as countless others. I got connected to him through Sofia Snow, who you'll read about later, but when you watch this man's Demo real, pay close attention to his eye for dope visuals...

Demo Reel from Rene Dongo on Vimeo.

Join me tomorrow when I give you the next 5 to watch 4...
Holla Black!!

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