#Nowplaying Vol. 1

Starting a new feature on here to keep my eager readers eagerly reading...and my eager listeners eagerly listening. A lot of people ask me what I like to listen to and who are some of my favorite artists. The fact is, it changes constantly, and I have some of the most eclectic tastes of anyone you'll meet, when it comes to music. So i decided I'll post playlists to share with you guys. Everything I listen to when I am not listening to beats. Enjoy1...

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1. Gang Starr - A Long Way to Go
2. Tarica June - Black Girl's Song
3. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A
4. Retrospek - Over and Over Again
5. Rafael Casal - Running Down
6. Beady Belle - Game
7. Mos Dub - Ms. Vampire Booty
8. Janelle Monae - Metropolis
9. Bitter:Sweet - Drink You Sober
10. Noisettes - Never Forget You
11. Dukalion - Put it Down
12. Illiam Savant - iRock
13. Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation
14. Tito & Talib - 5in4 (minimix)
15. Billie Holiday - More Than You Know (Jazzeem's Throwback Remix)
16. Joe Pass - A Time For Us

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