Watch for it... (Part 3)

Wake up and smell the talent. I know I'm behind on this, but here we are, Day 3 of the 25 hottest artists under 25. Lets get right to it..


Name: Elidee Notes
Age: 15
Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Genre: Soul / Indy Rock / Eclectic

The youngest to be featured on this list so far, Elidee Notes is definitely a problem. Able to sing, write poetry, and play multiple instruments, she has quite a bit to offer as far as talent goes. If you check out some of her stuff on Youtube and Reverbnation, you'll notice she not only has an amazing voice, but also a versatility to what she does that so many seem to be lacking in this current music industry. I can't wait to hear more. Follow her on twitter.

Name: JDante
Age: 20
Hometown: Chicago, IL / Milwaukee, WI / Madison, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

Super, Hyper, Mega, Cool, my dude JDante out of the Midwest let you know exactly what to expect from him on his debut EP. Another member of University of Wisconsin's First Wave click, J is definitely someone to watch for. He recently released the "Whole New World" EP along with producer Man Mantus of World Around Records. The project is getting crazy buzz overseas and will hopefully catch on here in the states real soon. In the meantime, watch for it.

Name: Smoov Da Great
Age: 20
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Genre: Hip Hop

Its no surprise Smoov Da Great of PEMG (Petroleum Empire Media Group) is killin it right now. Son of the legendary NYOIL (formerly Cool Kim of the UMCs) its clear Smoov has been exposed to Hip Hop from a young age. His new video "IDGAF" along with Lyrics of BFAM, is a real nice reflective joint with a humorous touch in the video. Don't get caught sleeping..

Name: Phonetic One
Age:  19
Hometown: Minneapolis
Genre: Hip Hop

Shout out to Rafael Casal for putting me on to this young man right here. With two solid projects available for download via his bandcamp page, Phonetic One is doing his thing. Phonetic Phenom, the EP, lets you know this cat is not to be played with and the follow-up, On the Bus Stop is right on time as well with clever lyrics and blazing beats to boot. Don't miss out.

Name: Snap Boogie
Age: 17
Hometown: Boston, MA
Genre: Dance

Anyone who meets Snap Boogie cannot help but be impressed. I met this young man when he was about 11 years old. He was grinding then and has not stopped for so much as a water break. A B-Boy at heart, Snap is also versed in many forms of Dance from Tap to Hip-Hop. If you're not seeing him doing his thing with the Floor Lords Crew in Boston, you might catch him on the Red Line or in Harvard Square grinding and hustling his art in the streets. 

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