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I really like this site I found about a year ago called Kickstarter. Its been used to put out some real good work and so I thought, why not give it a try... Here's my pitch...

Myself (Catch Wreck) and Rah Intelligence (Producer from the group Retrospek) have come together to put out an EP entitled "4 the People" that we hope to distribute for free.

Having both grown up in Roxbury, MA, we hope to use this EP to tell the story of what goes on in our community both good and bad.

We plan to record this project a the Bridge Sound and Stage studio in Cambridge, MA. The majority of the donations will be used to cover the cost of studio time but a portion of the donations will also be used to cover the cost of producing physical copies, distribution, and promotion. As an independant artist it is difficult to come out of pocket to produce material, but with a little bit of help, we hope to create something we can share with the world, free of charge..and its not a lot of money we are asking for. Because we dont cut corners when it comes to the work, we can get this project done with under $1,000 Dollars. This is a great way to support real, independent, conscious Hip Hop from artist with something to say besides what is prevalent in the mainstream.

Support Independent Hip Hop!

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