Watch For it... (Part 4: Milwaukee Hip Hop Edition)

Volume 4. I know, I know, at this rate I probably should've called it "wait for it" but what can I say? I'm learning very quickly how difficult it is to maintain a consistent blog. That being said, let me waist no more time.

This edition focuses specifically on the bubbling Hip Hop scene out in Milwaukee, WI. If you don't know, now you know: Cats is gettin it in out there. For example:


Name: Oye
Age: 20
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

After solid beats and dope lyrics, what more do you need to stand out as a Hip Hop artist? A little style never hurt. And my dude right here got it. Just 20 years old and already making major moves linkin up with the homies at Inkred Clothing to put out his debut project, the In my Mind EP. The joint is bangin, Dont believe me go log onto and see for yourself. Also check his interview out on Crayon Beats.


Name: R-Tystic
Age: 21
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

Part of the team of Hip Hop superheroes known as SAFS crew, R-Tystic is just one of many nasty lyricists holdin it down for Milwaukee. Featured prominently on Dukalion's The Boiling Point sampler, R-Tystic sets himself apart from many of his fellow MCs with a unique laid-back style.


Name: Dukalion
Age: 20
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Hip Hop

"and can't nobody put it down like..." Dukalion, reppin the SAFS crew. If you got volume 1 of "#Nowplaying" then you know that Duke is definitely NOT playing. When I threw on the Boiling Point Sampler for the first time, I had no idea what to expect.. Coming from a city known for haters like Boston, I was fully prepared to criticize the hell out of the project before I heard it.. But after listening, I must say, the joint bangs start to finish and I can't wait to hear what my dude got in the works next. We'll be watchin for it...


Name: Sunny Daze
Age: 19
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Genre: Hip Hop

And for the fans of Kid Cudi (and things of that nature), be sure to check for this guy right here. Once again, SAFS crew is to blame. Sunny Daze is on his own sh*t. Space Alien.. not of this world you dig!? My dude said, "All I know is spaceships and fly chicks" Do i smell a Ghostface collab?? #letmestop.

But seriosly, jokes aside, yall really do need to stop sleeping. I'm not doing this to promote these artists. They don't need my help. I'm trying to put you on to what is about to take over the music industry. If you are keeping up, you cannot say nobody gave you the heads up. To quote a famous rapper who just put an album out, "Thank me Later."

For more on the Milwaukee Hip Hop scene, I recommend this blog:

And since this is my sh*t and I can do what I want, I'm only postin four today, and 6 next time. You don't like it?? Sue me..or get your own blog! I do what I feel like. What!?

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