Forgotten Classic

This album might've been the only that kept me sane during my stint as an incarcerated teen...and undoubtedly one of the most slept on in Hip-Hop period. I always loved the way Shyheim was able to express the struggle of a young black man growing up in the hood in a way we can all relate to. Here it is for yall courtesy of HQHipHop


01 Shit Iz Real
02 Dear God
03 Jiggy Comin'
04 5 Elements
05 Shaolin Style
06 Real Bad Boys
07 What Makes The World Go Round
08 Can You Feel It
09 Life As A Shorty
10 Don't Front - Let's Chill
11 Things Happen
12 See What I See
13 Still There
14 Young Godz

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