Another Forgotten Classic

Might be one of the most solid conscious Hip Hop albums of all time. Start to finish New World Order is the truth, literally.

01 Who Shot The Presiden ? (Intro)
02 Miss Ghetto
03 Word Iz Life
04 Allies feat. The Fugees
05 New World News (Interlude)
06 Gods, Earth & 85ers feat. Nine
07 My Three Wives (Shakyla Pt. III)
08 Wicked Everytime
09 N.A.T.O. (Global Cops)
10 Conscious Styles feat. KRS-One
11 Culture Freestyles (Interlude)
12 They Turned Gangsta feat. Brother J & Sluggy Ranks
13 We Dat Nice
14 Hear Me Out (Interlude)
15 Fo Da Love Of Dis
16 Dreadful Day feat. Junior Reid
17 Sistuh
18 Outro

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